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Senior Loan Officer for Mortgage 1

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As a graduate from Oakland University in Finance, I have a love and passion for numbers and am dedicated to finding the absolute best financial solution for your particular mortgage needs. I have been in lending for 18 years and have helped over 2500 families get financing for purchasing or refinancing their home.

I genuinely care and will take the time to listen to your real estate and financial objectives and then together, we will make a customized plan that’s perfect for you. When you make the important decision to purchase or refinance your home, I am committed to making the extra effort so that all your needs are met, all questions are answered, and then I give you advice in a easily understood manner.

As an expert in VA, FHA, Rural Development, and conventional loans, I will find you the perfect fit for your real estate needs and long-term financial goals. I am available to meet at office in Shelby Township or at one of our five offices in Metro Detroit, if more convenient. Thank you and I look forward to serving you.

Please feel free to visit us at : Team Dawn

NMLS #129386

About Searching Michigan Homes by Janet & Company

Making Your Home Our Promise… What is it, exactly, that makes buying or selling your home so unique? Is it the location? Is it the actual size of the home? Is it the interior layout and design?

Or how about whether it has a big backyard, or a great view, or maybe its proximity to your kids’ school or local parks?

The truth of the matter is that there is no magic in the buying or selling of any home. It simply comes down to three universal factors:

Peoples’ Wants and Needs
Chemistry (the actual feeling that one gets when entering the home itself, or driving through the neighborhood)

Going beyond these three factors is merely a formality, but this formality is exactly what we do, and do well. We take the headache out of buying or selling your home. Period.

When you are ready to select your professional partner in this process, we are ready to get started.

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