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The guest bath might not be the most important room on your reno list, especially if you have an outdated kitchen or a master bath that's way less than spa-worthy. But if you frequently have people over, and put your guest bath to good use, this space could probably use a refresher - especially since the picture in your head of what you'd like it to look like is nowhere near the reality you get when you step inside. Thankfully, this space doesn't take a lot of time, effort, or money to go from meh to magnificent. Here's how to turn your blah space into something beautiful.


The walls

style-at-home     In a small space, a bold color or rich wallpaper can give the space life. You might think that busy patterns or dark-hued paint could make the room feel like a funhouse or a cave, but not when done right. With unique materials and contrasting colors and textures, this space is a knockout. You can get a similar look and feel without the investment of an expensive vanity through lighting and accessories.

The use of molding to break up the walls makes this dark guest bath feel dramatic and luxurious.



The floors

bath     The top consideration when selecting flooring for any bathroom is water resistance. Tile is often the choice for wet areas for this reason, although many people choose to continue wood from living spaces through to the guest bathroom for a seamless look. Two options that have been quickly growing in popularity is wood-look tile that has the appearance of hardwoods with the ease of use of tile and concrete tile. Choosing a pattern can infuse some additional style into the space.


Not in a position to redo your floors? Throw down a geometric or shag rug to cover a less-than-great floor and introduce some color and texture.


The vanity

powder room calling it home floating counter marble mirror sconces     A guest bath is a great opportunity to do something unique that will help the small space stand out, like this floating vanity. The detailed doors stand out against the marble counters and shiny accessories.


vanity-lighting-elegant-bathroom-ideas-double-164757-500x344Or, forgo the cabinet altogether for a distinctive look that will definitely get noticed.


The lighting

00-artful-glass-pendants-on-the-mirror      Lighting is key in every space, but may be especially important in a guest bath that will also serve as the spot your Aunt Linda will apply her fake eyelashes when she comes to visit over Christmas. But that doesn't mean you need traditional bathroom lighting. Forget the over-the-mirror, wall-mounted stuff and hang a bunch of glass pendants to bring a luxe modern touch to the room.


The hardware

bath1      Adding hardware to the cabinets in a guest bath is one of the easiest ways to bring some sparkle to the space. Hardware can also help transform a room's theme, depending on whether you add craftsman-style black iron or shiny, modern brass.


The mirror

gold-ripple-vanity-white-bowl-sink-powder-room-brass-wall-sconces       This is often one of the most overlooked details in the bath, but going with something a little different instead of the standard square or rectangle glued to the wall can elevate the look of the space.


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