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ss2-fossilrippleWhen you've already used every color, texture, and pattern and you can't think of a single thing to bring more interest to your home, what's a design-obsessed person to do?


Go 3-D. The trick that helps bring movies to life can do the same for your home.


"Decorative wall panels can be made of plastic and wood, fabric and leather. Decorative wall paneling can cover the entire empty wall or adorn just a part of it, adding stylish color, exciting decoration pattern or texture to empty walls," said Lushome. "New decorative wall paneling do not even look like traditional wood wall panels, adding the dimension and stunning 3d design to empty walls, creating warm and cozy, interesting and unusual interior design and decor."


Ready to explore another dimension?


New products from tilebar can add new interest to your kitchen with a variety of materials that provide a high-end look with a unique twist.

Read More: http://janetandthomas.realtytimes.com/consumeradvice/homeownersadvice1/item/39907-20151109-3d-walls-taking-home-design-to-another-dimension


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Janet Hull and Thomas Bush

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